Real Steel

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Real Steel

No star can shine with a broken heart. This is the only shining spot on this movie. That's why people define it as a kind of stylistic movie. Especially, in the end, Tristan and Yvaine live a happy life forever. The editor seems tell a fairy story to us. It is what I can't bear. By the way, the captain is the only funny character I like.

The movie is essentially made of two halves, the sappy half and the extremely cool robot fighting half. Unfortunately, the latter half is the only shining part of the story, that saves the movie from becoming a failure. I must say the robot fights are pretty cool, especially the last fight. But the plots are just so predictable. I guess this is a kids movie so I can't really fault the movie for being a little melodramatic and overly sentimental, as this probably would have been a dream of a movie if I am 10 years old again.

br88冠亚官网,Last night I watched this movie with my elder sister and we both liked it so much.The film is good at telling a story which is common among we Chinese though its storyline is a cliche.What disappoints many of us is that our filmmakers are not able to make such movie to make its audience feel so sympathetic.Maybe some of them just don't want to make a good movie but to make money.

There are some factors that contribute a lot to the success of the work.First of all, its actors are professional and give a vivid performance.From the younger actors to the older ones, they all acted lively.And our main roles are both good-looking, which satisfies my requirements for actors' appearances.Secondly, its themes tend to produce feelings most people may identify with.Therefore people will easily keep up with the plots and know what is going on.Above all, the soundtrack of the film is so touching that I have listend numberous times.One of the scenes that strikes me crying is the performance of poor kids with uniforms of that top school.These talented children are just as good as students with rich parents. What they lack is only a bigger platform that will lead them to a promising future. As the littel girl with a glassess sings: " We will shine brightly like the sun/We dream of touching the sky/We will assemble bit by bit just as streams flow into the ocean/We are right here at this moment though/We want to go beyond/Don't think little of us/We have made up our mind/We long for our dreams too/We will speak it aloud/ I only have one life yet I have 100 dreams/I believe I can make evey single dream come true one by one......

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